UKqueen at Seven Seas Festival

On Friday 19th May, I shot my first concert. I was thrilled at the invite to shoot the best UKqueen tribute band UKqueen at the Poole Harbour Seven Seas Festival in Poole, Dorset. For me being mainly a portrait photographer it was a brilliant opportunity that opened up my mindset for future work.

The evening started with the obvious food from a trailer before being shown the backstage bar, to which I was given VIP access. A hint towards the life lived by band members on tour! Then, as the band began setting up I also went about preparing for the music to start. My new speed light flash came in rather handy.

A few hiccups, from a broken keyboard to lack of stage lighting – but nothing that was not solvable. It was great fun for both me and the band overcoming obstacles that were thrown our way that night. Luckily, the weather held… showing us a spectacular sunset to be followed by fireworks in the distance.

It was a phenomenal evening of Queen and so good that I had to take a few breaks to sing along! After uploading the images to my Facebook page, I received this message from the main singer – the Freddie Mercury of the band:

“Hi Leo, the photos are brilliant, well done. I was sad for you that there weren’t many lights and a decent stage, you managed though. I’ll need some photos of me at some point, I’m sure we can find some bigger / better stuff for you. I was chuffed they looked after you so well.”

If you would like me to photograph an event like this, please give me a call on 07730068725 to have a chat.

Here are some selected favourites from the big night:

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