The Importance of Photography to Small Business Owners

Why is having professional photography a make or break to small business owners? There's a bunch of reasons why investing time - and sometimes a little bit of money into killer #photos is extremely beneficial to any business... especially small ones!

The chances are that if you're a small #business, you're in one of two scenarios: either you're just starting on your journey to expansion or the size of your business is limited by the market you're in. In both of these cases, no harm can come from a few extra customers, right? For many, being a small scale business is one of the charming characteristics of the company, for example a family run village shop. Still, at the heart of any business are the sales - the turnover that keeps things flowing. There's no denying that. This brings me onto my first reason why you should maybe consider upping your photo game!

1. Photography is a form of Visual Marketing

So you'll already be doing this using different methods - such as placing your products in your carefully curated shop front window. Its how we get our message across to the customer. We use visual marketing because we, as humans, enjoy seeing things. You've heard it before: "a picture paints a thousand words". However, who wants to read a thousand words nowadays? On the internet the only way you have to show off your products or services is to take photos of them. Make a bigger impact on your target audience, whatever it is, by cutting down on the text and snapping eye-catching pics of what you're in business to sell.

Visual Marketing Photography Baklava
Visual display of Baklava in Greece

2. SEO optimisation

Photographs act as another form of keywords for your Search Engine Optimisation ranking. This, as you probably know, helps your business to appear higher up on search results that relate to your industry and like you do with keywords, you want to efficiently scatter your #website with these nuggets that will be found elsewhere on the Interweb.

How many times have you searched for something on #Google Images, and been lead to a website which... most of the time, has something to do with the image? Everyone has done this, and when tuned correctly, #SEO with images can help to drive up interest from new visitors. With any luck these unique visitors could return to your site at a later date or spend some time looking at your #product range or they might even spread word about you to others.

Product Photography Online Shop
Diablo Aftercare Product Photography

3. Personal branding

Photography is a creative tool for building a strong #brand identity. It can be used to hone in on what makes your #smallbusiness stand out amongst the bigger market of competition. By creating content with a consistent style, you can show the world who you are. Are you a family run village shop with country life at the heart of everything you do? Or are you a modern hipster coffee shop, urbanising the British high street? You need to think carefully about whether or not you are executing the "look" you're going for with your photos because a confused brand image doesn't stick in people's memory. We know what brand we're looking at before the #logo appears on TV ads for a reason, and it's because the designers have worked hard to keep the unique styling strong. Its all in the colours, moods, shapes and textures.

Brand Identity Photography
Branding of L McEwen Photography

Here is where the freedom comes in and you can show your target #market what you'd really like to be seen as. Photographs with a clear brand personality can rewrite old reputations of a businesses with previous owners and help to shout out "WE'RE WORTHY OF YOUR CUSTOM!".

4. Quality perceived is transferrable

Would you ever sell a burnt cake to a new customer? Would you ever tell a journalist you don't put care into the work you do for your #clients? No, at least I hope you answered no to those questions. Maybe you aren't a baker and you don't offer accountancy for your bread and butter but I'm assuming you understand the point I'm trying to make. You would never let your quality drop as a #smallbusinessowner. So why would you share photographs with the world that let down the excellence you strive to give your customers every day?

In a study by the National Retail Foundation, 94% of people answered that when making an online purchase, the quality of the site's images made a difference to their perceived quality of the product.

This idea goes hand in hand with the trust that people put into professional photography as shoppers are more likely to purchase from the business with better photos. Your #online presence is the only representative that your brand relies on 24/7. In order to avoid turning away customers online, its key to ensure that imagery is crisp and clear.

Social media photography
Dorset Blue Vinny Instagram Post

5. Social Media This is likely to be the game changer reason to have your photography on point. With the growing dependence on social media for marketing, businesses can't afford to not be active on platforms like #Twitter, #Facebook and #Instagram. Linking back to brand personality, having a regular presence on social media can show the world that you are more than you're product. You are the people behind the product, with a voice, and opinions and humour.

You can interact with customers on a deeper level than your web shop, by keeping up with trends, news and stuff that only happens on the #internet! But it's also a way for your fanbase to keep up with what you're doing. Customers are often very interested in seeing the #behindthescenes, the events you show at, the feedback you get day to day and the team of staff that help to run your business. If you're regularly posting fire content, interesting photos of your product in different environments or at different stages of its life cycle, your audience are going to feel a lot more connected to you as a brand.

The most important thing to take away from this: keeping up appearances can make a big difference in a world with so much visual stimulation. And whether you prefer an online or offline presence, beautiful photography of what you have to offer can bring you lots of success.


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