Swanage Bay Sea Water

As part of my A Level photography project featuring on-location portraiture photography I wanted to include the coast. I wanted to shoot seaside portraits differentto how most others would think of – in the sea. A risk for my camera gear to say the least but well worth it in the end!

A huge thanks to Daniella who responded to my Facebook shoutout for models willing to step into the cold shallows during late Spring! The tough skin paid off. Trying to work as fast as possible to miss the goosebumps stage, we shot in the middle of Swanage Bay – the passers by must have thought we were mad! Daniella and I were both up to our hips which was a brand new experience for us in terms of photoshoot location. After we’d finished shooting we then ran back onto the shore with towels waiting for us held by our handy assistants Imogen and Jessica. Thanks to them as a warm towel waiting to be wrapped around us was exactly what we needed.

I love to change people’s perspectives with my photography. It gives me such a thrill to show people photos of themselves shot in the way that makes them look their best. Often people don’t see themselves in this way so my job is to blow them away with the pictures! Daniella came to me not having much confidence but was so happy with the results. She told me that nobody had ever taken photographs of her that had made her look this good. By taking both of ourselves out of our comfort zones – literally… we managed to make amazing art.

“Brilliant photographs, and incredibly friendly and approachable.. Would definitely work with him again!” – Daniella

If you would like a photo shoot like Daniella, please give me a call on 07730068725 to have a chat.

Here are a few of the final selected:

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