Someone To Lean On

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Over the next three weeks I am working in the city of #Pisa, Tuscany, Italy. Home of the learning tower - excuse the pun in the title.

#Italy holds a special place in my heart as I have so many fond memories of visiting family there throughout my childhood. On a recent #holiday to #Tuscany I made an affirmation to return for a solo trip and I am finally making my dream of working in Italy come true!

I’ll be living like an Italian #local, in the Monti Pisani hills tucked away on a quiet olive grove retreat. Here I’m going to

  1. prune trees,

  2. maintain the hillside drystone walls,

  3. indulge in hearty wholesome #foods and

  4. immerse myself amongst the Mediterranean culture.

I also hope to come back with some impressive new Italian phrases.

La dolce vita!

I do promise to return with at least one fabulous photo of the #world famous landmark, and I’ll be spending some time making some #travel journalism #photography but due to the nature of what I’ll be doing, response to queries and bookings may slow down. I’m taking the chance to spend time with the olives and my lovely olive skinned host #family, La Lucertola - and fellow traveller friends.

Buono giornata bello, ciao ciao!


If you would like to discuss a photo shoot with me, please give me a call on 07730068725 to have a chat. Alternatively email me on or message me on any of my social medias.