Shell Bay with Margo

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Margo came to me asking to model in a beach location session that I was planning to photograph for part of my A level final piece. As soon as we got to Shell Bay, I knew that the portraits would turn out amazing as we were greeted by glorious sunshine peeking through clouds giving a variety of lighting to work with. We played this advantage to the full and really shot to the full potential of the location. Margo posed beautifully amongst the long sand dune grass and we even found a driftwood log for her to lay against. I have never had a more inspiring location to shoot at until this day. The creative opportunities of each angle and backdrop were so exciting.

Margo, like most of my clients was first unsure of how to pose in front of the camera. But I gave her the advice that I tell every person I photograph:

“Just be yourself. My job as the photographer is to capture you at your best, which is often also your most natural. Anybody can pull a perfect pose but that doesn’t always show the true you. Within a few minutes of modelling you’ll forget about being in front of the camera and you’ll be confidently focussing on the lovely experience that my photo sessions have to offer.”

I had requested that Margo brought a shawl with her to flap behind her in the wind – and low and behold it was a windy day too! We could not have got any luckier with this portrait session. The shawl served as a great tie in between the golden sand and Margo’s beige summer dress. After a couple hours of shooting, and our lift suggesting that we get back to the pay and display car park, we had bagged a phenomenal number of amazing portraits. The retouching process was just the best experience I’d had on my iMac.

“Absolutely amazing photoshoot! Very professional and super friendly, made me feel super at ease even though it was my first time shoot” – Margo

If you would like a photo shoot like Margo, please give me a call on 07730068725 to have a chat.

Here are just a number of the countless wonderful portraits we collected from our session at Shell Bay:

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