King of Natural Product Photography

I've got an exciting announcement! On Tuesday 2nd April I was crowned #KingOf Natural Product Photography by Andy Quinn and Dylan Moore at Aqua Design Group, winner of the weekly Twitter contest. Each week, Andy calls for male and female entrepreneurs to tweet him about their small businesses for the chance to win #KingOf or #QueenOf their field. What Is This Contest? The contest started back in 2012 as a way to celebrate women in business during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II and it has since grown to include celebration for male business owners. The weekly winners are given goodies such as a personalised #KingOf or #QueenOf badge designed by Aqua Design Group and access to the Royal Connection group, with a customisable profile on the website alongside the 600+ other royal members. I now have my own space, with a bio for me and some photos of me and my work as well as links to my social medias and website. I'm thrilled to be part of this family and to have my name out there on another online platform where I can attract more exciting #photography work. On Wednesday evenings Andy and Dylan host the #royalconnectionhour on #Twitter for winners to network, spread news and get to know each other. Its a valuable space for small business owners across the country to rub shoulders with the crowned specialists of every industry!

It's nice to see that other #smallbusiness owners in #Dorset like Chris and Zeta from On The Hoof Coffee Co. and Nick and Timi from The Dorset Ginger Company have been crowned royal members too. Its amazing how close social media brings us together. Whether its #photoshoots, #drinks, #food, #graphicdesign or #entertainment the #Dorsetbusiness owners have you covered here on the south coast.

Why Natural Product Photography?

Recently I have been enjoying focusing on offering my photography services to #localproduce brands in Dorset. I find it really rewarding to be helping out fellow entrepreneurs in my home county - and there's a lot of them here! With Dorset being famed as a haven for food & drink, there is an endless market of businesses to work with. So far, I have worked with Diablo Aftercare tattoo balm and a few professionals in the health and beauty industry, but I've got some new projects coming up... one being my giveaway winner Dorset Chilli Shop.

The main thing that inspires me about working with these brands is that the majority of them have #organic, #handmade, #natural or even #vegan values at the heart of their #business, which sits very well with my subtly powerful and honest style of photography. Let me know if you're a #local brand reading this, with a tickling desire for some fresh photos!


If you would like to discuss a photo shoot with me, please give me a call on 07730068725 to have a chat. Alternatively email me on or message me on any of my social medias.


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