Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

A very happy new year to all of my past, present and future clients. I hope that 2019 was a brilliant year for you all and that #2020 will bring us all exciting adventures and opportunities! As we welcome in the new year we also say goodbye to another decade, in which I've probably grown the most. I found my love for #photography, completed my formal education and developed my own personality and brand. 2019 brought many achievements for me, here is a quick overview: - 2 wonderfully creative photoshoots with Otso Clothing

- 4 #photoshoots with great local brands including Diablo Aftercare, Dorset Chilli Shop and Peppina restaurant

- My first #wedding shot in May

- Being given an associateship with Dorset Food Network

- Receiving my first award as 'King of Natural Product Photography' from The Royal Connection

- Attending #Dorset Food & Drink Fair at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

- A working vacation to Pisa, Tuscany with agriturismo La Lucertola

I have big plans for 2020 that include getting my personal work into exhibition, publishing a photo book, forming an online community, international commissions, brand collaborations and personal tailored photo sessions.


If you would like to discuss a photo shoot with me, please give me a call on 07730068725 to have a chat. Alternatively email me on leomcewen1@live.co.uk or message me on any of my social medias.


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