Dorset Food & Drink Fair at Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens

On Saturday 20th April, Dorset Food & Drink held their Dorset Food Fair in Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens to showcase their members' products and services.

There were around 30 #local producers including Bayside bakery and their best selling brownies, Dorset Chilli Shop's fierce range of everything spicy, beautifully flavoured salt from Dorset Sea Salt Company, Fordington Gin, a little bubbly from Langham Wine Estate, Purbeck Ice Cream with creamy scoops of joy, vegan and organic chocolate from Solkiki Chocolatemaker, drinks from The Dorset Ginger Company and many more!

The day kicked off at 10 O'clock before the sun had risen above the canopy of trees that surrounds #Abbotsbury's brilliant event lawn. When I arrived at this time, the overflow car parks were already in use! The number of visitors slowly rose until around 1 O'clock when the queue for entry was winding down the road to almost 100 people. Luckily I'd booked my tickets online so I was able to bypass that line. Inside it was buzzing with a sense of collectiveness as #Dorset goers. From stall to #stall you could hear people laughing, learning about the #produce and chatting about what makes Dorset so great.

As a #freelance portrait and #product #photographer I was enjoying seeing my fellow #business owners thriving in the warm sun and busy foot flow. I've been in contact with many of the business owners there so it was nice to say hi, but to also meet the new faces walking around. I even got persuaded to try my first oyster! As I walked up to Sally's Fish Camp's stall, Sally challenged me to pop my oyster cherry and with a little reassurance from surrounding visitors and pressure from Sally taking photos on my #camera, I managed to slip it down my throat. I was pleasantly surprised that it was in-fact a tasty delight, and I would eat more! So a huge thanks to Sally for encouraging me to try it, and there's probably no better person to try it with. I watched Sally prepare my oyster right in front of me. Around 11 O'clock there was a #cocktail demonstration with Lloyd from Grey Bear Bar, teaching everyone how to make a #Bridport Dagger, with free samples of course. A subtle punch from ginger made the drink a warming ice breaker for the crowd to get involved guessing the production process of Conker gin too! Did you know they use Gorse inside their signature spirit to add that special taste?

After a venison burger and purchasing a few goodies to try at home, it was time to leave. On the way out I had a little wonder around the gardens - looking vibrant as always and visited the garden shop with one of Dorset's best selections of Succulents and Cacti. It was a fantastic day of trying the county's gems and being amongst others that celebrate where they come from!


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