Dorset Chilli Shop Photoshoot

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

In March I ran a #photography giveaway on my Instagram for the #local #brands around me here in #Dorset. I asked brands to leave a comment explaining what Dorset means to them, as a celebration of the county that I live and work in. I had some lovely responses.

On The Hoof Coffee Co.

We are proud to be based in such a beautiful county with such fabulous producers. Our delicious coffee is roasted locally by Reads Coffee Roasters and we serve tasty Dorset Tea. The fabulous brownies we serve are made by Bayside Baker. Whats not to love about Dorset?!

The Dorset Donut Co

I love working and living in Dorset. There's a HUGE food and drink family here, I feel welcome everywhere I go. Dorset is such a friendly place. Its beautiful and I'm proud that its my home.

Dorset Chilli Shop

Dorset is an inspiration behind so many great food & drink entrepreneurs, but to us its not only our inspiration its our "home". Dorset is great flavours, amazing scenery, fabulous people and of course home of "All Things Chilli"

As I said on my post: my biggest joy is working with Dorset companies that sell the southern products that we all love so much! Being based in Dorset is a blessing for the variety of local produce that we are surrounded by. It truly is amazing to be able to describe myself as a Dorset based freelance #photographer.

That only leaves me to announce the winner of my giveaway which was Dorset Chilli Shop! Their prize was a tailored brand #photoshoot package with me that I normally charge £100 for. The following week I drove to Milton Abbas to meet Andy & Lisa, the owners of Dorset Chilli to discuss what their visions for the photoshoot are, and what styling they'd like. They handed me a giant box of 27 products to photograph and away I went! Andy & Lisa are a lovely couple and one can tell how passionate they are about their #products. They work as a team to invent and manufacture new chilli flavours and put their full hearts into each bottle of sauce, jar of jam or packet of scratchins!

I really had a lot of fun being given creative freedom over my photoshoot, and after tasting a few of the products as Lisa suggested, I came up with some ideas about how I'd capture these spicy gems.


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