At Home with Ollie Williams

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

A few weeks back, I reached out to Ollie Williams, former #LoveIsland contestant and farmer on Lanhydrock Estate asking if he wanted to shoot together on the grounds of the #NationalTrust home and surrounding fields in the Bodmin #countryside, #Cornwall to which he replied "Sure, how about next week?"

Unfortunately due to terrible weather during storm Dennis we had to cancel our originally arranged date, and by the time the rescheduled date came about, we were threatened with storm Jorge, which caused terrible floods. This is just what can be expected shooting #outdoors during our #British winter time, so I'm used to this and I decided to follow through with our booked shoot. I'm so glad I did because for the whole day the sun decided to warm us up with not one spot of rain despite heavy hail the previous night.

©Copyright L McEwen Photography portrait of Ollie Williams at home on Lanhydrock Estate in Bodmin, Cornwall, UK
At Home with Ollie Williams

Our shoot was blessed with a fresh spring breeze and strong light, enabling us to have a great time driving about the #estate in Ollie's #Landrover. We started off shooting in the barn with the calves, and I followed behind whilst Ollie gave a hand to his colleague treating a cow with antibiotics and unloading some fresh hay. This was a perfect opportunity to capture dusty backlit shots of Ollie in the barn with beams of light shining on us.

After that we headed out to take the dogs for a walk, all 3 Labradors and a Jack Russell. Not much needs to be said about running around playing with #dogs, you can imagine how enjoyable it was to tag along. I told Ollie "I'm just following you around today; my job is to take the #photos. Your job is to be in them." and that's exactly what we did. Ollie told me about the property his #family gave to the National Trust, and its farming #businesses, the cows and his family shooting dogs which made it a brand new type of experience for me as the #photographer.

I hope you enjoy the photographs below.


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