Arts University Bournemouth Campus Café

For my second photoshoot in the documentary project, I wanted to focus less on the beauty of the youthful memories and more on the reality. For this I asked my model to simply sit with me over coffee and whatever he has for breakfast. Funnily enough when we started shooting, his friend arrived and they were deep in conversation over a pasty and some music. I was trying to balance the previous photoshoot with Lulu on the beach with this photoshoot of a male model so I shot before midday sun when there were still cool tones of the morning reflecting in the glass outside the cafe on campus.

I thought that a semi urban location with hues opposite the ones from the pier photoshoot would bring a nice contrast to the book that I am planning to make. It turned out really well, and although it was still morning whilst we were shooting I managed to capture some sun glare that mimicked the other photos and brought a connection between the two shoots. As that was what I used to “mock up” the beauty in the last shoot I thought I’d also include it in this one.

Sticking along the lines of recreating real memories I asked my model what he would do on a hungover morning, and that included having a smoke in the fresh air to wake himself up. Another difference between this shoot and the last is that I captured a relationship between two models – the friends sat on the chairs. I think that this introduces a sense of personality and closeness in a way that the first photoshoot didn’t. The styled beach photoshoot had an intense focus on the model whereas this had a more open, group style focus – reflecting on the differences between some of the memories that I have studied.

I like the opposing connotations in this shoot where the cool tones and cold poses of the model bring some angst to the images whilst the welcoming smiles and cosy styling bring some familiarity.