After learning a lot about how important Chosen Family is to mental health and emotional stability, I wanted to describe what it is like when we are not together in our groups. For this I wanted to photograph my friends Hannah and Els alone in their homes with a sense of loneliness and melancholy incompleteness. I thought that photographing them in their own spaces would be best to show really what we do in our own personal bubbles to entertain ourselves and get by.

In the photoshoots I wanted to knod towards the increasing individualisation of society in a world that is becoming more and more dependant on technology. Most relationships nowadays are kept over the internet on various social media platforms, which is also where quite a lot of the communication is done. I suppose Chosen Family serves an antidote to this when groups gather together. To knod towards this theory I featured phones and laptops in the images, picturing the girls doing simple activities like scrolling through their phone or trying to find a film to watch on Netflix. Through the photoshoot, I captured better photography as Hannah and Els began to forget I was even in the room with them.

I found myself wanting to photograph the surroundings as well as the models, to provide more information and general atmospheric references. This included focusing on a pair of slippers, to show comfort and relaxing in private, as well as a macro shot of hair being twisted and pulled showing tension. It may be looking too far into little things, but making judgements about these small details helps me evaluate the “role” that my friends play in our chosen families. Hannah likes to have company, and so it makes sense for her to find comfort in playing music or fiddling with her hair because she doesn’t like the silence, on the other hand Els likes to be in chilled environments and to have headspace so it also makes sense for her to sit sipping coffee whilst looking out of the window.

Here are the final selected images: