A Photoshoot With Me

What is it like to have a photoshoot with me?

Over the time that I have been offering photoshoots to clients - personal and commercial, I've received positive feedback in the form of reviews. But what does a typical shoot with me look like? I assume that this is a question many have whilst they're thinking of booking me, and it's something I want to give people an insight into.


Because a #photoshoot with me is actually really fun! I learnt from the best, an Equine photographer who took me under her wing to mentor me in the beginning of my journey as a photographer. Most of the photoshoots that we had together started with a warm and friendly greeting, perhaps a cuppa and a little chat covering the creative ideas for the session and that is something I've learnt puts people at ease - especially first time models.

Why is it so important to make my clients feel comfortable around me?

Because it's my job to capture the best of someone. This isn't necessarily the case with product photography but certainly in my #portraits! Once we've warmed up our voices, clicked a little and to put it quite cheesily... "vibed" off of each other, that's when the killer shots are got. Of course I have the experience in #photography and a creative mind, but each and every client is different and often you guys come up with brill ideas. It makes the whole process more efficient and enjoyable for both of us.

What if someone is camera shy?

When I notice someone is a little shy around the camera, or not comfortable being in the spotlight, I bring out the jokes. Don't get me wrong I'm not the cringe worthy school portrait photographer that tries his hardest to crack puns and crack your smile. I normally point out the funny truths about what we're doing. Admittedly I am only 5'5 in height so when I am faced with a taller client I embarrassingly have to position myself on higher ground, or sometimes I ask the client to part their legs further to lower their height. We can get into some funny positions all for the perfect photograph. Sometimes I capture people sneezing or blinking, and thats fine - just something to have a giggle about. I'll always take enough photos to remove all of the bloopers in the editing process.

Would you like to see my shooting process?

This is something I'd like your opinion about. Are you guys curious to see more of the funny positions I get into on a photoshoot? Are you just interested in getting a peek into what my photoshoots look like? Be nosy! I'm thinking of organising a couple of photoshoots where I can bring along a fellow photographer to capture the BTS images. Is this content you'd like to see? Let me know by commenting on my upcoming posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and I'll be sure to read what you think.


Have some of the images of the behind the scenes that friends/ models/ assistants have sent me in the past.


If you would like to discuss a photo shoot with me, please give me a call on 07730068725 to have a chat. Alternatively email me on leomcewen1@live.co.uk or message me on any of my social medias.



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