3 Tips for Location Scouting in Dorset

Location scouting time! What is your favourite place in #Dorset? I will be looking to find some new locations for photography as the weather improves, and I hope to find some jaw drop backdrops!

Why are locations so important to me?

As you probably know already, my work centres a lot around natural aspects of photography, and the surrounding environment around the subject of my #images, be it products or people. And what better place could I be based than Dorset - home to many of the UK's most beautiful landmarks and #natural landscapes? This where my style of photography blurs a little between the formal portrait and product services and #landscape artist. I like to blend the two together. As a photographer I keep my eye open for new locations for my photoshoots, and this has become very important to my work. I have a few regular favourites that I keep re-using and this is because they're so versatile, allowing me to stay creative. These favourites include Studland Beach and Nature Reserve. This place is a godsend for photography, with its varying terrains between woodland, sand dunes, heathland and beach. I have used this location for portrait sessions, clothing photoshoots and I am planning to return for some product photography this week.

I really respect places like this for how well they preserve the wildlife and beauty of the environment because they manage to keep it looking amazing all year round.

What makes a good location for photography?

I've made you guys a list of what draws me to a place and makes me return so many times so that you can think of where you find special, perhaps where you'd like to be photographed.

1. The initial jaw drop factor

This is probably the most obvious point, but not always the most important. Does a place catch people's attention? This is where we see #photographers flock to popular destinations such as Durdle Door, Wareham River and Old Harry Rocks. It helps a lot to be using locations that are so well known by the world as people are more likely to notice your photography. However, I think, especially on social media, that locations get over photographed to the point where people turn a cheek to a crazy photo of Durdle Door. This is why taking a road less travelled and going somewhere that hasn't been over popularised could work better to get noticed.

2. How much of the year does this place look good?

Some places only look good in the summer, in the height of the best weather the #UK gets, fact. Places where leaves lose their leaves, the ground becomes boggy and all vegetation becomes grey are the type of place that limit photographers to a certain mood. These places can be gold if you're looking to do a wintery, moody or grungey #photoshoot, which most of the time isn't what clients want. Clients want #locations with evergreen foliage, a reliable look and feel to the place. This is another reason I love using Studland so much, because heathland never changes #colour and nor does sand. It remains a solid backdrop for me to use all year round.

3. Practicality

What are the characteristics of this situation? Is it safe to bring #models here or are there certain dangers such as cliffs, traffic or water that could threaten a relaxed photoshoot? Don't get me wrong, sometimes the rules can be bended, but only with precautions. Last #summer I found a hot location in #Cornwall that I'd like to return to for a photoshoot, however the way to get down to the #beach there is by climbing down the cliffside. Something that the public do every day, but a little difficult for carrying equipment to and not a place to suggest to the average couple looking for engagement shots. Something that also needs to be considered is whether or not photography is allowed in certain places. Some times popular #travel spots require you to purchase a #photography permit - in places like Kew Gardens this can cost thousands. Thats unfortunately the way things are, for purposes like visitor safety etc. But there's always another place that can be used, in my case, when I found Kew Gardens wasn't a possibility is when I discovered Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens. This is a secret paradise hidden away in the countryside near Weymouth, and also sandwiched next to Chesil Beach - another favourite place of mine.


Here are some of the locations that I have used in the past, or have found and kept up my sleeves for future works:


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