Chosen Family

Chosen Family by definition is the family that a group of people form when they have an emotional closeness, even if they are not legally or biologically related. The structure of today's society amps up the desire for family and close relationships in order to cope with the many other institutions that make up our day to day lives. Chosen families are a social construction and therefore are adaptable with no traditions. They can be made up of friends, lovers, peers or neighbours and may or may not have specific roles like a more conventional family.

This project documents my own chosen family and is an extension of a project I inadvertently began with my polaroid camera almost a year ago as I met new people who have become my dearest friends. This gave me the uncensored and unperformed glance into the notions of chosen family that I have been trying to acheive as a photographer in this project. It reminds me that perfect can't be forced, so we should all enjoy what we have available. It's very appropriate for the whole concept of finding family amongst non-related acquaintances.

The instant camera acted as the archivist to my own changing group of friends, which allowed me to be part of the project rather than behind the camera. When I came across the expanding collection of our polaroids, I thought that using them would be an effective way to portray the fleeting moments of our times together.


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