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My photography style is a brand of honest and organic looking creative decisions. When you book me for a photoshoot you are also paying me for my design skills which help me make beautifully unique and sincere photos.

About Me


I'm a freelance visual artist born and based in the county of Dorset, UK, specialising in portrait, product and event photography. Having finished a foundation diploma in Art & Design at Arts University Bournemouth, I'm now focusing on growing my business.

I love to welcome all commission and client based photoshoots, working on projects that I feel passionate about. As an artist, I also continue to develop my photography through more self driven work. I have always sought to connect the beauty of local landscape to my portrait, event and commercial photography. Natural beauty and light are key influences in my work.

Over the four years I have been a photographer I have enjoyed working with each and every model and client. My biggest thrill is putting a smile on someone's face by giving them photographs that display them, their products or services at their best. Something to look back on in 50 years.

I like to think that I am innovative with my work by being creative, whilst sticking to commercial brief . This helps me make photography that truly means something. Those that I have previously worked with have left testimonials about how they have enjoyed the photoshoot just as much the photographs that came of it.